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What is Structural Engineering?

why should I hire

a structural engineer?

Has a Waterproofing contractor told you that your home has a structural problem?
 Although these professionals have extensive knowledge in preventing water from entering your home, very rarely do they have an engineering background.  Structural engineers are trained to understand the forces and stresses acting in your home.  Structural engineers can evaluate cracks and other possible structural problems to determine if repairs are necessary.  We can offer an expert opinion as to how serious your problem is and what an appropriate solution would be.

Has a contractor proposed an expensive repair to your foundation? 
These professionals are knowledgeable, but they have an inherent conflict of interest since they are trying to sell work to homeowners after they have diagnosed a problem.  Even though they can recognize problem signs, they do not have the training in analyzing the forces and stresses that affect your home.  We can provide an objective evaluation since we will not be performing the remedial work.

I have noticed that I have termite damage in my house. Why should I hire a structural engineer? 
Many times termite damage weakens the floor joists and walls of your home, but does not require any structural repair.  A structural engineer can observe the damage and direct you as to whether or not a repair is necessary.  Most contractors will advise homeowners to replace all wood that has been damaged by termites.  They do this since they do not have training in structural engineering.

Have you applied for a building permit and had the local permitting department tell you that you need to have your plans stamped by a "Professional Engineer"? 
 If the issue is structural, such as retaining walls, lintels, framing plans, and foundation plans, we can provide that service.



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